Intereuropean Reinsurance Meeting




XXXVII Intereuropean Reinsurance Meeting

2, 3 & 4 October de 2019

What is the state of the world economy and how is it going to influence the Spanish economy? How will the reinsurance market evolve, both in Spain and globally? What are the main challenges faced by ceding companies and reinsurers, both in Life and Non-Life? What changes will the English market experience, beyond brexit, and what implications will it have in the insurance industry? And finally, what are the geopolitical risks and their impact on the economy? 

The XXXVII edition of the Inter-European Reinsurance Meeting aims to answer these five questions. It will do so by providing data and descending to the problems that reinsurers and ceding companies, both in Life and Non-Life, as well as brokers, must face. 

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